Private Tuition: How it works and how much it costs

Private Tuition

To book me please send me an email at or call me on 0043-660-474-1656 to ask about availability. If I do not pick up, please leave a message and I will call you back.

The minimum session time is 1+1/2hrs.

You may also book me for 2hrs, 2+1/2hrs or 3hrs if you wish. A 3hr session would include a 5 minute break.

Please also note that each session will finish 3mins before the end time, to allow time to pack up. Often we will have to finish quickly in order to accommodate my next session.

Charges for Private Tuition

If you come to me, the rate is 40EUR / hour, so that’s:

1+1/2hr = 60EUR // 2hr = 80EUR // 2+1/2 = 100EUR // 3hr = 120EUR*

If you prefer me to come to you, I also require compensation for the ‘dead time’ that I have to spend travelling. This is an additional charge of 0.25EUR per minute of standard travel time. That means how long the journey normally takes without any unexpected delays. To give you an example of cost, for every 30 mins I spend travelling, you pay an additional 7.50EUR.


If you book 25 hours and PAY IN ADVANCE, you will get a 7% discount. If you book me for 50 hours and  PAY IN ADVANCE, you will get a 15% discount. You can then schedule the sessions at your convenience (please note: the discount offer does not apply to weekend sessions, which are always charged in full – see below). However, you would be advised to give me plenty of notice, as I often have a tight schedule.

Booking Procedure

Sessions are block-booked. This means that you book (and pay for) a minimum of four sessions in advance.


If you need to reschedule a session, I require a minimum of 24hrs notice and you must contact me by mobile phone on 0043-660-474-1656, preferably by calling. Leave a message if I do not answer (I cannot answer when I’m teaching). Less than 24hrs and you will lose the session and no money will be refunded. Please, please, please give me as much notice as possible!


I require payment in cash for each block-booking IN ADVANCE at the BEGINNING of the first session of each block.

Please note that this way of working is non-negotiable.

To book me please send me an email at or call me on 0043-660-474-1656 to ask about availability. If I do not pick up, please leave a message and I will call you back.

*If you wish to book me for Saturday sessions, please add 10EUR / hour to the hourly rates. The ‘travel charge’ remains the same. For Sundays please add an additional 40EUR / hour, and again, the ‘travel charge’ remains the same.

About Robert D. E. Senior

Fully qualified and experienced Professional English teacher / trainer UK native speaker BA (hons, first class) Linguistics and TEFL 15 years experience in UK, Spain and Austria FCE - CAE - CPE - BEC V - BEC H - TOEFL - IELTS Business, Academic and General English
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