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be used to / get used to

Click on the link below for a  simple explanation of this grammar point: be-get used to A typical mistake is to mix up ‘ be used to’  with ‘used to’.  Click on the link below to see the latter if … Continue reading

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How to use ‘however’

Everything you need to know is here:

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likely / unlikely

See here for an explanation and here for a few exercises.

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Subject / Object Questions in Past Simple

Check out this infosheet to learn when we use the help verb ‘did’ to make questions in past simple and when we do not. Simple Past Subject and Object qs

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Used To

See the ‘used to info sheet’ below for a thorough explanation of how ‘used to’ works and the ‘would for past habits’ info sheet for a comparison to the use of ‘would’ in a similar sense. used-to-info-sheet would-for-past-habits

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Somebody anybody nobody etc

It’s essential that you get this right. Mixing up anybody-nobody sounds terrible in English and all it takes is a bit of study and a bit of thought. The basic rule is this: Use nobody/no-one as the subject in statements. … Continue reading

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English Verb Tenses: Future Continuous

To review the Future Continuous please click on the links below Future Continuous info sheet01 Future Continuous info sheet02 read the information and do the exercises. Here is a worksheet which will also help you focus on how to use … Continue reading

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