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Business English Writing: How to do a professional layout

If you want to know how a modern professional business letter/memo/fax should look like, click on the link below. Fully Blocked Style

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Presentations: Sales Revenue 2013

Can you describe the line chart here: Sales Revenue 2013 Here’s a worksheet and ansakey that will help with the language you’ll need: Describing Graphs & Gradients // Describing Graphs & Gradients Ansakey And here’s one we did earlier: line chart You should … Continue reading

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Meetings Mind Map

Here’s a mind map with verb collocations for ‘a meeting’ (e.g. open a meeting), three typical phrases for getting out of a meeting (= avoiding having to attend) and some meetings associated vocab. Meeting mind map And here’s a list of vocab … Continue reading

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Presentations: How to open proceedings

The pdf gives you a very clear overview with specific language for The Host: how to greet people, welcome them, thank them for coming, refer to particular groups of people, introduce yourself, introduce the presenter, introduce the topic and hand over. The Presenter: how … Continue reading

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Writing Skills: How to write a letter to the editor

If you ever need to write a ‘letter’ (these days more likely an email) to the editor of a newspaper, either in real life or more probably when practising for an exam, here’s some guidance on how to do it: … Continue reading

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e.g. / i.e. : what’s the difference?

The Latin abbreviations e.g. and i.e. are commonly used in English, and nearly as commonly mixed up. Below is a clear explanation, which can also be found online at it’s original home: I should also point out that these days you can write both … Continue reading

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IMF under growing pressure to appoint non-European head

Here’s another business/current affairs article. I use these articles in my in-company sessions. I give the participants the articles to read for homework and then have them come up with five questions to ask each other in the next session. … Continue reading

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