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so/such: what’s the difference? Here is a fine explanation of the differences in how we use so/such, along with exercises at the bottom.

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Relative Clauses

I’ve been promising to post on this for some time, so here it is finally. Basically everything is clearly expressed here: and there are also exercises for you to do, with instant feedback. Nonetheless, I would like to add … Continue reading

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Independent and Dependent Clauses

This is just about the most basic concept in language. Note that every known language in the world has the ability to construct independent and dependent clauses. Knowing this fact makes your life easier when you come to learn a … Continue reading

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Gerunds and infinitives

If you still having some problems with this rather troublesome aspect of English grammar then I would strongly recommend going here: and just working your way through the tutorial and the exercises. For those of you with access, there … Continue reading

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needn’t / don’t need to / needn’t have / didn’t need to: what’s the difference?

This one confused the hell out of all of us, me included, until I looked it up. Here’s the answer: Needn’t and don’t need to There is also a difference in use when these verbs are used to describe present situations. … Continue reading

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shall to should // will to would

This came up in a BEC Higher class. To keep it very simple it works like this: We use ‘should’ instead of ‘shall’ and ‘would’ instead of ‘will’ in reported speech following the basic ‘one step back’ rule: John: “I’ll … Continue reading

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Passive-Active comparisons

It’s really useful to have a reference guide to how to use the passive in a large variety of tense constructions. So here you have it. There are passive and active equivalents and then at the back there is a … Continue reading

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Correct Order of Adjectives

I was recently asked about this, so here’s a link that shows quite clearly the correct order of adjectives: (taken from

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