Used To

See the ‘used to info sheet’ below for a thorough explanation of how ‘used to’ works and the ‘would for past habits’ info sheet for a comparison to the use of ‘would’ in a similar sense.



About Robert D. E. Senior

Fully qualified and experienced Professional English teacher / trainer UK native speaker BA (hons, first class) Linguistics and TEFL 15 years experience in UK, Spain and Austria FCE - CAE - CPE - BEC V - BEC H - TOEFL - IELTS Business, Academic and General English
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3 Responses to Used To

  1. Xiaofei Wang says:

    Hi, Robert,

    very glad to hear from you again. Its been a long time, are you still at the cambradge institute in Vienna?

    Best wishes




  2. Hey, only just seen this. No, I mostly work for Inlingua now. Mail me on if you like 🙂


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